Center for Professional Development and Career Strategy

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What Is Your Interest?

Emory Law's 23 practice areas

Through the center's online portal students can explore a variety of areas:

  1. Antitrust Law
  2. Banking and Financial Institutions 
  3. Bankruptcy and Debtor/Creditor Law 
  4. Child and Family Law 
  5. Civil Litigation 
  6. Civil Rights 
  7. Communications/Media Law 
  8. Corporate and Business Law 
  9. Criminal Law 
  10. Dispute Resolution 
  11. Environmental Law 
  12. Estate Planning 
  13. Health Law 
  14. Immigration Law 
  15. Intellectual Property 
  16. International Law 
  17. Labor and Employment Law 
  18. Military/National Security Law 
  19. Public Interest 
  20. Real Estate Law 
  21. Sports and Entertainment Law 
  22. Tax Law 
  23. Tort and Insurance Law

Want To Help Those In Need?

Public interest

Emory Law understands not all students want to work in in the private sector. Through the Office of Career Services, we offer one-on-one advising with Sue McAvoy, who specializes in public interest careers. In addition, students are encouraged to participate in the Emory Public Interest Committee, which offers summer grants to students working in the public interest.
Graduates working in public interest careers can benefit from participating in Emory Law's Loan Repayment Assistance Program, which offers loan repayment to those in qualifying public interest positions.
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More Career Resources

Field placements/Externships

The Field Placement Program is a legal externship program that places up to 150 students with approximately 70 government agencies, public interest organizations, judges and corporations in the Atlanta metropolitan area. Students receive three credit hours for externing under the supervision of practicing attorneys, in offices that are preapproved by the law school.

Judicial clerkships

The Office of Career Services partners with the Faculty Judicial Clerkship Committee to present a number of programs introducing students to judicial clerkships and the process for applying for and obtaining clerkships at the federal, state and local level. The faculty committee conducts an advisory process to assist students interested in applying for judicial clerkships, and clerkship coordinators are available for assistance.

Class of 2013 Resources

Emory Law doesn't stop supporting you at graduation - we offer a variety of services to support you after you leave Emory Law. More information >>

Employer Outreach

The law school conducts outreach with law firms and public interest/government employers in cities across the United States. Each year to aid that effort, Emory Law produces a recruitment guide that includes student bios, accomplishments and contact information for distribution to employers.

About the Center 

Emory Law's Center for Professional Development and Career Strategy offers a fresh approach to helping students transition to practice. We believe that to be successful, our students need exposure to a full range of opportunities inside and outside the classroom. We also believe each student must explore and decide which areas of law are of interest and which path to follow. Our goal is to do everything necessary to help students maximize their professional growth and development, so they are prepared for a successful entry into the complex and challenging profession of law.
The Center provides the structure, oversight, guidance and resources that enable students to explore their unique professional journey effectively, while leveraging professional development and job search resources to their maximum advantage. The Center integrates faculty, students, alumni and other practitioners to focus on the students professional development needs and generate ideas and suggestions to help them get the most out of their law school experience.
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"The school stays attuned to the needs of the legal profession, For example, the changes made to the first-year curriculum reflect the nature of practice. It's practice-oriented and helps students learn to ask the right questions."

Teri P. McClure, Class of 1988; Senior Vice President of Legal, Compliance and Public Affairs, General Counsel and Corporate Secretary, UPS, Atlanta; Emory Board of Trustees member

Practice areas

The historical law school model included taking a broad array of courses and selecting an area of specialization after you join a law firm. In today's challenging economic climate, employers are looking for more specificity. They want to see a demonstrated interest and enthusiasm for one or more specific practice areas. They want a new lawyer who can work effectively with less supervision immediately after graduation.
The Emory Law faculty has identified 23 practice areas that reflect the way the legal profession has organized itself. Once enrolled, we encourage you to explore these different practice areas using the center's online portal. In this way, you can better understand and explore your own professional interests and passions, see relevant courses and activities offered, and more effectively chart your individual law school path.

Practice societies

Practice societies combine faculty advisors, student leaders, key alumni experts and career advisors in each practice area to plan networking and professional development events based on the needs of students and the advice of experts. These synergies provide meaningful opportunities to "window shop" and learn generalities, and then to drill deeper into areas of special interest. This approach helps bridge the theoretical and the world of practice and empowers students to set an individual professional direction that is right for them.
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"Emory Law gave me the foundation to enjoy a wonderful career in the practice of trial law, as well as the tools to play a role in law firm management."

Thomas A. Reynolds III, Class of 1977; Partner, Winston & Strawn, LLP, Chicago

Professional development

Law school is not only about learning the law and acquiring analytical skills. It also involves cultivating a professional identity and learning to engage the legal community effectively. Emory Law allows students to step into the real world of practice and begin to learn the norms and nuances necessary for success. We have found that students who plan effectively can grow faster and gain advantages in their career search. We encourage students to think about all dimensions of their professional growth and craft a customized professional development plan using the tools available through the center.
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"In law school, you learn the principles, but it's not always easy to see how it applies in practice. The transition from the classroom to the profession is much easier with the changes that are being made. Emory is preparing lawyers to practice in today's world."

Cheryl Turner, Class of 1997; Counsel, Coca-Cola Co., Atlanta

Career strategy

Once students have identified their primary professional interests and know the job categories they want to target, the next step is to develop and implement a strategy to find the right job for each student. Here the advisors—especially the career advisor—can be particularly helpful. The Center for Professional Development and Career Strategy, faculty and alumni advisors help students combine relevant options into an appropriate strategy to meet their career objectives.

Advisors serve as invaluable resources, helping you with employment search and interview strategies as well as a variety of career-related topics. Also, our team partners with prospective employers on interview programs in Atlanta and around the country.

On-campus interviews (OCI)
Each fall, Emory Law organizes on-campus interviews for second- and third-year students seeking summer and post-graduate positions. We offer additional options for firms to interview students including via video conferencing technology, the employer's office or a location convenient to both employer and student. Emory Law's spring OCI program in February is open to first-year students.

Regional and specialty interview programs
Emory Law coordinates interview programs in New York and Washington, D.C. The Emory in New York and Emory in D.C. programs take place each year in August and regularly include state and federal government agencies as well as law firms in each market.

In addition to Emory-only programs, each fall Emory Law works with the career services offices from law schools across the country to coordinate additional interview programs and job fairs. These programs are held in Boston, Los Angeles and Atlanta. Spring consortium interview programs include the Public Sector Career Fair and Spring Southeast Legal Hiring Conference, both in Atlanta, and the Georgia Judicial Clerkship and Internship Job Fair.